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The Creative Brief

The Creative Brief is designed based on the information provided by the client.  This document reveals the purpose, the market and the most meaningful information about the project and brand. It is the starting point to come up with those BIG ideas. It can be structured via BPS Brief Questionnaire or the client’s.

The Creative Strategy

Two to three creative strategies will be presented. They unfold the development of the concept and will set the tone of the art direction and the communicative approach. These strategies usually come with a brainstorm of activation ideas and innovative options to recreate an experiential version of the final message.

Art Direction

Our in-house visual design team develops a branding style-guide to build creative assets following the same graphic direction and color palette. The style-guide specifies graphic treatment on all types of applications including signage, promotional material, print and online assets.

The Creative Proposal

Our creative proposal includes the layout of the spaces, floor plans, 3D renderings when necessary, graphic treatment and applications to have a better understanding of the branding layout throughout the event.

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